Terms and Conditions for any Work to be Completed on Your Car


By signing our job card you have agreed to work listed to be completed on your car (this is a legal binding contract), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Our policy on the collection of your car, once all work has been completed, is as follows –

  • Full payment is required;
  • If you do not pay the invoice amount you have 28 days to collect your car;
  • If the car is not collected after 7 days you will be charged in addition $25 per day for storage fees and thereafter until the car is collected an paid in full;
  • According to the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 ‘Disposal of Uncollected Goods’ you may be liable for the payment of the invoice, storage charges, any legal fees and ancillary expenses.  Your car may be sold to recuperate the amount outlined in the invoice.


Please refer to the Consumer Fair Trading Link which outlines these details.




We offer a full car service plus parts, these charges are in addition to the service due to the different car makes and models and different requirement of parts and fluid replacement for each car.


Our Terms and Conditions on Spare Parts and Special Orders for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth


You can purchase Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth spare parts from us.


Please ensure you order correct part/s for the make and model of your car as a special order will be placed for you. If you are unsure of the part number or part, please contact us and we can look up the part for you. 

  • As a special order you will need to pay for these part/s in full, prior to the order being placed.
  • Being a special order you cannot return these items to us as we do not provide a refund.
  • Any electrical components ordered are non-refundable for credit.
  • It’s important to note a 15% + GST handling fee will be charged for these parts.
  • Unless the parts are fitted by us we will not provide a warranty for labour to replace the part.
  • Should you chose to have your part/s installed somewhere else, it is the responsibility of the mechanic/technician or fitter to ensure the correct parts are fitted specific to the vehicle model.
  • By ordering these parts you are agreeing to these terms and conditions prior to an order being placed for you.
  • Part warranty only applies once authorisation has been given by Alex Donnini on these items.
  • You may bring parts you have purchased to be installed in your car. We ask you sign a disclaimer as we cannot guarantee the part/s are genuine or faulty and have been purchased through a reputable parts supplier.  Please note we will also charge you for labour as there is no warranty on the parts supplied or labour, if you bring your own part/s.

By placing your order you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question - What is VACC?


Answer - VACC which is the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce which represents small and medium automotive businesses in regional and metropolitan Victoria. It means to become a member you need to be qualitied in the automotive trade with Australian qualifications.

Why is this important, we believe it’s important to inform you as we want to ensure you have a qualified mechanic/technician looking after your car. Who is qualified here in Australia and not just overseas.


Question - Is your business insured?


Answer - Always ask your mechanic/technician if they are insured as you want to know they are covered not only in their workshop you want to know that your car is insured if they need to drive it.

As many mechanics/technicians may need to drive your car to fix and test any issues and you want the peace of mind knowing you are covered.

We are fully insured in our workshop and also covered to drive your car.


Question - Cheap Prices vs Quality of Work


Answer - While it is important to shop around and find the best price to have your car serviced or repaired.

If you own an Alfa Romeo, Fiat or Abarth please ensure you take your car to a workshop who specialises in these cars. Someone who has the knowledge, expertise and diagnostic equipment to fix, service, repair, clear faults and ensure your car is repaired correctly.

We don’t want you to pay more than you need to so contact us on (03) 9571 7431.


We have the latest original factory diagnostic scan tools ‘Examiner Smart HD’, ‘Witech Plus’ and the latest edition the Witech Plus Micropod II’  it’s the same scan tools the Dealerships use and all the technical information to repair and service your car.


Question - Just Bought a New Car?


Answer - If you have just bought a new car, we wish to advise you that the legislation has changed as listed by Consumer Affairs (link below) that you do not need to take your new car to a Dealership for repairs or service. You can take your car to an independent mechanic/technician and this will not impact the warranty on your new car.

Please read the announcement made by Consumer Affairs under the heading ‘Getting your car serviced’ –




Question - Do you offer Logbook Servicing?


Answer - Yes we do, we are happy to service or repair your car according to your logbook service/ manual specifications.


Question - Do you offer Pre-Inspections on a car you are looking to buy.


Answer - You will need to book in for a pre-purchase inspection and bring the car to us. We are happy to give you a complete update on the status of the car and will ensure you are aware of any issues or problems with the car. We will even give you a report so you can assess and make your own decision.  Please give us a call on (03) 9571 7431.


Question - I Need a Roadworthy


Answer - Yes we hold a Victorian Roadworthy licence and can assist you with a roadworthy inspection prior to you selling your car. Please book in for an appointment with us on (03) 9571 7431, we will be happy to help you out.


Question – How do I know what work has been completed on my car and if any additional work is required?


Answer - We provide you with an invoice which outlines all work carried out on your car.  If any additional work is required we will give you a call to discuss this with you prior to any further work being carried out on your car.


Question – Do you do Repairs as well as Services?


Answer – Yes we have a fully equipment workshop so work is performed on site for your convenience.


Question – What type of vehicles do you service and repair?


AnswerWe specialise in Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth. We also service all other makes and models.


Question – Do you require pre-payment or deposits?


Answer – In most cases no, unless work is for over $1,500 then a payment deposit may be required. You will be advised if a payment is required.


Question – What Payments do you Accept?


Answer - We accept EFTPOS credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Cash.


Question – What are your operating hours?


Answer – Our office is open Mon-Fri with our first appointment at 8.00am we close each weekday at 5.30 pm. We are also open Saturday from 8.30 am – 1.00 pm.

We are closed on Sunday and all Public Holidays within Victoria and across Australia.